Teaching Your Preschooler Responsibility

Being responsible is a learned trait. It doesn't happen on it's own and it requires years of practice. But, even very young kids can learn that they have a role in their famil (MORE)

Help! My Child is a Liar

Honesty is the best policy, but anyone who has ever had to face a hard truth knows that it's not often the best feeling policy, or the easiest to live with policy. Teaching yo (MORE)
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5 Things to Know About The Flu

Flu season peaks each year in the United States between December and February with children being one of the most vulnerable groups. Here are some things you need to know abou (MORE)

Getting Your Teen to Open Up

Parents of teens are always looking for ways to connect with their children as they enter adolescence and seek out more independence. Here are some ways parents can keep the l (MORE)