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5 Things Parents Should Know About Kids and Concussions

Concussions are generally considered non-life-threatening traumatic brain injuries. However, if not detected and treated appropriately, they can be dangerous for children and adults who suffer them. Here are some things that parents need to know to keep their children safe....(more)

Summer Sun Safety for Kids

Along with warm weather and additional leisure time, summer brings with it harsher UV rays that can prove to be dangerous for unprotected skin. Here are some tips to keep you and your children protected as you head out to enjoy the summer sun....(more)

Parents' Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online

Keeping your children safe is an age old parental worry, but now days you not only have to worry about strangers in the park, but online strangers too. These tips will help parents keep their children safe online without preventing them from enjoying the good parts of the Internet too....(more)

Parenting 101: Things in Your House You Need to Have Child-proofed

Having a baby changes everything, and not just during the first year, either. Once your child begins to scoot and crawl on his own, it is time to child-proof your home. Accidents in the home can lead to permanent injury and even death in toddlers. Ensuring that your home is child-proofed, however, helps prevent these tragedies from happening....(more)


Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Choosing your child's first organized schooling environment is a big decision. Here are some things to consider as you head out to find your child's first preschool....(more)

5 Signs That Your Babysitter is a Keeper

Finding quality childcare is a major concern for many families. These tips will help you know if you have a keeper....(more)

Guide to Hiring a Babysitter

Hiring a babysitter for your children can be stressful, especially for first time parents. With this advice you will be having a much needed evening out in no time....(more)


Positive Parenting Tips

Positive reinforcement is a parenting technique to help parents achieve favorable behavior outcomes with their children. These tips will help you be a more positive parent....(more)

Making Time Outs Work for Your Toddler

Time outs can be frustrating for parents of toddlers. Here are some tips to make them work for you and your child....(more)

Getting Kids to Listen the First Time

Every parent feels like a broken record from time to time; constantly telling their children to do the same thing over and over again. Here are some dos and don'ts for getting your child to listen the first time....(more)

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